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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

(Bizarre) Ginormous Religious Buildings of Japan

Taken from a 2chan thread:

Most of these are buildings of NRM, while others are of more established religions.
(EDIT: And they freak me out. lol  I mean they look like freaky theme park buildings. It's alarming how there are so many weird new religions in Japan and how they hold enormous power over people.)

The Great Sacred Hall, Rissho Kosei Kai

World Divine Light Organization (The Head Temple)

PL Peace Tower, The Church of Perfect Liberty 

 RHK (No English page)

The Sanctuary, Byodo Daiei Kai (No English Page)

The Head Temple, Huayan School

Soka Gakkai 

(Now Destroyed)
 Happy Science

 Benten School (No English Page)




Sukyo Mahikari


Reiyu kai

Taiseki-ji, Nichiren Shoshu

Nenbutsu School Sanpozan Muryojuji (No English Page)

Tenrikyo (has its own city called Tenri City)


aditya saputra said...

Woah, nice building! Are they all in japan?

Thanks for the update, Saya!

Mokom said...

Such amazing designs! I mean, I'm sure most of those religions are at the "Scientology" level of corruption, but still!

Nunu. said...

Wow.. beautiful buildings.
Thank you for this post, Saya-san.


Saya Yomino said...

You guys think these buildings are beautiful?

I think most of them look freaky. Haha They are mostly buildings of weird freaky new religions.

Anyway thank you for your comments!

Bonbon Maccaron said...

I couldn't post a time ago! An error appeared. Now I can (´・ω・`)
I think they're creepy... I mean, I'm ok with freedom of religion, but you may be cautious with that. I don't know if everybody know about the sarin gas in tokyo subway incident, long time ago. And there have been another strange and bizarre events related to this strange religions. Freaky and creepy (≧ヘ≦ )I didn't know they were so many buildings like that in Japan!

Thanks again for your interesting posts, Sayasan!

trojpron said...

I think most of them are normal or almost normal
but the sanctuary and tower kinda weird....very weird.

By the way,thank for your post saya-san.

shouenga said...

Good god, some of these buildings looks like a full-fledged feudal castle!

Farz Wolf said...

Hnnh. Konkokyo eh..

No offense but it's resembling shooting star cannon when i look at it.

Nice post as always and some suggestion if you don't mind Saya-san.

Why not making a vote which your new religion favorite building from all this pictures ?.

Just curious about everyone aesthetic view about these buildings.

Nox F. said...

The taiseki-ji, Nichiren Shoshu reminds me of Spirited Away somehow.

These buildings have "unique" architectures and make me want to travel to Japan more!

Thanks for posting this, Saya-chan!

Anyway, do you know something about kamikakushi or maybe the places where the 'kamikakushi' often occurs?


Jen Frias said...

I love your blog! And these buildings looks spectacular, but they make me feel weird at the same time. Know what I mean? Haha. Anyway, looking forward to your next post! :)

Darkened Rose said...

What seems creepy about these buildings is not the building itself, but all the stuff we imagine goes on behind, so those ginormous things can be constructed. They kind of make me think of Scientology or those Brazilian guys who are taking over Latin America (can't remember their name).

I do have to say I prefer to know people and their beiefs before any further judgement. After all, I belong to a new religion (Druid here), and mistrust can certainly be unfounded.


joelleparoline said...

So interesting to see these buildings referred to as creepy...! I lived in Tenri City for a time and visited the main Tenrikyo building there often. I thought it was quite beautiful!

Pandu Dewanata said...

at one time the construction is amazing.

another time it's a bit creepy since it is used by NRM.

remind me of a game from shin megami tensei series called devil survivor.

Kage no karitori said...

I would definitely visit these places... if I had the money. One of the top places I would visit would be the World Divine Light Organization. That place looks really cool.

Adorably Dead said...

Konkokyo looks like a train, but I like the Peace Tower the most.

LemonedIScream13 said...

Saya-san, Soka Gakkai also has a branch in my country. But the building is smaller than the main building.
The location is not that far from my house.

yunhan han said...

I am a member of nichiren shoshu, and we are no way connected to scientology haha! Everytg is very pure behind doors, we are the supreme teachings of buddhism ^^

Malcolm John said...

Of course the buildings look freaky and creepy.
They aren't Christian.
And we all know that Christianity is the one true faith.
So everything else has to be creepy. Ok?