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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Ghosts really do exist

Note: I'm not the authour of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you for your understanding!

This is a cryptic story!


I think ghosts really do exist.
When I was small I used to see another girl and called her my big sister.
She wore dirty clothes just like me and we lived together.

But one day I couldn't see her anymore.
My father and mother won the lottery.
They told me I used to just daydream because we were so poor.
We are very happy now.
But it looks like the lottery money is running out.


Anonymous said...

My guess:

Life insurance?!

Anonymous said...

it's either they've sold her big sister or they've killed her...either way, i'm really worried for the OP, her parents might do to her what they've done to her sister

HN3 said...

you beat me this time, i have no idea what happened

caramichi said...

There are so many possibilities in cryptic stories! The big sister is most probably dead though. It may be a case of a life-insurance fraud, or perhaps another illegal human.

Whatever it is, the girl has to be really careful now.

caramichi said...

*human trafficking

SAYA said...

Hi guys!

As caramichi pointed out, there are many possibilities as to what might have happened.

These are possible explanations I've heard:
・The parents killed the big sister for insurance money.
・The parents sold her (organ or human-trafficking)
⇒The money is running out so she will be the next one to get killed or be sold.

♡Princess Pon♡ said...

Hi Saya ♡
I'm loving the stories being updated regularly, thank you! (^▽^)
Like most cryptic stories I have to read it twice.(`・ω・´)” I do wonder how they got the money from the big sisters dissapearance... if it was life insurance doesn't an illness or accident have to happen? So they faked an accident and murdered her that way?

I hope the younger sister is careful! (ノдヽ) She'll be next...

Rezz said...

so it isn't ghost anyway....?
the title is a logic trap...

sometimes i'm wondering, what if the author of every creepy blog writer die, but.....
with the explainable reason, that blog still posting some creepy story.

Is that very creepy, right?

*just kidding Saya sensei... ^^

Hasumi said...

ouch. i'm also guessing that the parent either sold or killed the big sis, and in some time down the road, ironically, it might also happen to the author :(

sometimes, and oftentimes, humans are more dangerous and scarier than any ghost.

unicorn said...

I didn't get it. Thanks for the above posters.lols.

Tani M said...

One last- and not so grim- possibility?
The older sister actually did pass away in an accident and the parents got the life insurance, but did not want to tell the younger child of her death. But I think the others are more likely.

ryuu said...

no comment XD

i think the comments above are correct. the girl should be careful.

SAYA said...

@Princess: Yeah it sounds like they murdered her! I dunno!
Thank you dear, for thanking me! :D

@Rezz: yeah I'm still alive. A good thing! lol

@Hasumi: I hope to translate more stories about scary human beings! You will enjoy those! :D

@unicorn: I don't think I got it myself the first time I read it! lol

@Tani: you always like to think kindly about others, Tani!

@ryuu: Yeah she should definitely be careful!

Thank you everyone for your comments!

Time Waits for No One said...

is this a real story saya-san? OwO

SAYA said...

@Time: I dunno for sure, dear, but it might be! :D

Zanyuki said...

They either sold or killed the elder sister for money. insurance or human trafficking are good candidates for this.

What is actually more disturbing in this story (since murder for insurance and/or human trafficking are commonplace, however nefarious) is that the parents are deliberately misleading the narrator and messing with her head.

SAYA said...

@Zanyuki: that's true, dear.
In general, parents are evil. They never hesitate to trample over children's innocence! Imagine my consternation when my own parents told me there is no Santa Claus! LOL

Diogo said...

If this sort of thing really is happening, and the parents are engaging in human trafficking, money should be the least of her concerns. She should get out of there as quickly as possible and find some relatives to live with. XD

basher miyamoto said...

YOU ALIVE!!!!!!! THANK GOD! OMG! I haven't came to this place in months because you weren't here! I thougt that something bad happened to you! D: and... and... I WAS WORRIED T_______T your page is the best in te world! any other pages can be compared with this! and... for the story... maybe... just maybe... the parents killed the girl and then they may had eaten her D:

SAYA said...

@Diogo: I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach just thinking about human trafficking..

but you're right she should run NOW! XD

@basher: I'm sometimes amazed myself that I'm still alive XD

Don't cry! If I ever die I'll let you know first XD

Thank you dear for your compliment!! It really motivates me to post more! :D

What the parents are cannibals?? thats new XD

ehcs said...

After reading all the comments, I have a feeling I must have gotten it wrong. :(

From the way I understood it, the 'big sister' was a ghost from the start and the reason why the writer thinks that the lottery money is running out is because the writer can see the ghost again.

Maybe it took a while for the ghost to follow them to their new house or something. (Assuming that they bought a new house since they fell into wealth.)

On another note:
Saya, I'm so so so glad that you started updating again! I've been in love with your blog for a while now but I never really got around to commenting here. Anyway, thanks for posting these lovely stories. I can't wait to see more! :D

SAYA said...

@echs: often there are no right or wrong answers for these cryptic stories, so your answer is just as valid as other ones, dear!

And you've come up with a very interesting explanation too, thank you for that!

Oh that's nice that you've finally decided to comment! Thank you for coming to read my stories. Take care! ;)

sakurablossoms said...

ok, after reading the comment, I understood the story, but, why the name of the story is-- GHOST REALLY DO EXIST?????

SAYA said...

@sakura: the title is taken from the first line of the story.

euPhOr!a said...

maybe the parents killed the sister and claimed an insurance.. or sold her. and she never saw the girl again.

her parents said that she was daydreaming when she saw someone.. and she realized or noticed that their money is running out because..

maybe.. just maybe.. she is starting to see her big sister again.. who now happens to be a ghost..

why am I reading these stuffs at 12 midnight.. I'm getting goosebumps..

Chandru MCS said...

Hi Saya,

I Came across my room mate being strange when she is sleeping.

She is talking to me by closing her eyes saying " She will hurt herself because I promised somebody I will hurt her"

This happens only now before she was normal. Suddenly she felt giddyness from that time she is talking like that in night.

Is it due to black magic? Any idea how to go forward .

Sami Spandley said...

that or she thinks the money is running out because she's starting to 'daydream' again..

Tommy Tio said...

Hi saya, its my first time to commet in your blog. I just recently found your blog and i must say thai your blog is awesome!!. Anyway got my 2 cent about the big sister :
1. The big sister died because their parents sold her out or her organ (human trafficking)
2. The parents made a deal with ghost, demon or anthing that not human being to become rich in exchange for their daughter soul.

And i think the parents did not killed their eldest daughter for life insurance fraud because the narator said that they wore dirty clothes, and that mean they are poor family.
How can they afford to buy insurance??

Just my 2 cent anyway.